How much does shipping cost?

How long from payment will my order take to be shipped?

How long will my parcel take to arrive from dispatch?

Can I have a refund?

Will caffeine help reduce cellulite?

What do I do if I get it in my eyes?

How long will it take to see results?

Where does Bean Body Ship to?

What method of payments does Bean Body accept?

What are the benefits of using Bean Body?

Is Bean Body good for exfoliating my skin?

Can Bean Body reduce stretch marks, wrinkles and acne?

Can Bean Body help hydrate my skin?

Will Bean Body nourish and repair my skin?

Does Bean Body test on animals?

Can I use Bean Body if I have sensitive skin?

What are the ingredients in Bean Body?

How do I apply Bean Body?

How often do I use it?

Does Bean Body go off?

Do I apply to wet or dry skin?

Can I use Bean Body on my face?

Can I use before/after applying fake tan?

I think I’m allergic to Bean Body?

How long do I leave Bean Body on for?

Is Bean Body vegan?

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